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P-Series Mechanical Pencils

A selection of Pentel Mechanical Pencils.
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From: £6.99

Pentel Mechanical Pencils

Fine lead automatic pencil technology is a Pentel speciality. Our wide range of products offers an exceptional choice of mechanical pencils for professional, commercial and domestic use. 

Key benefits of choosing one of our Pentel automatic pencils include a consistent line width, with no lead sharpening required and the ability to refill your pencil with new leads, rather than wasting a third of it as you might do with a conventional wood-cased pencil. 

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Product Details R.R.P. Our Price Quantity
Pentel Mechanical Pencils & Hi-Polymer Leads  - P203 (0.3mm)

Pentel Mechanical Pencil- P203 (0.3mm)

Pentel Mechanical Pencils & Hi-Polymer Leads  - P205 (0.5mm)

Pentel Mechanical Pencil - P205 (0.5mm)

Pentel Mechanical Pencils & Hi-Polymer Leads  - P207 (0.7mm)

Pentel Mechanical Pencil - P207 (0.7mm)

Pentel Mechanical Pencils & Hi-Polymer Leads  - P209 (0.9mm)

Pentel Mechanical Pencil - P209 (0.9mm)


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