Why have colouring books targeted at adults become so popular?

I believe it’s a mixture of relaxation, childhood nostalgia and the pleasure of seeing a beautifully illustrated image coloured by your own hand come to life. You've not spent time drawing and endlessly correcting the picture but you'll happily pick the colours and fill in the pages.

In recent months bestselling lists have included adult colouring books, which shows just how much we’ve been drawn in to this. There's something to suit a variety of creative tastes, whether you like nature, intricate patterns or graphical geometric designs.
In this fast paced society it’s a stress free pastime that is catching on. I have certainly scribbled away hours of contented colouring, curled up with my cat, a cuppa and my Faber Castell Polychromos. These pencils are my chosen weapon for precise detail, they are oil based so don’t smudge, blend really well and can be sharpened to a crisp point.

I don’t think colouring in should be a fad, people see these books as a therapy in their own right. It’s activity that can reduce anxiety and is an opportunity to keep an active mind calm. Really the only thing you need to worry about is what shade of pencil to choose.
Honestly don't leave colouring books for kids. If you haven't tried it during adulthood, I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Yes, more than the stick your tongue out concentration from all the best colouring you did at school, I can tell you. Have a look at our enticing range of books here.

(Creative Therapy colouring book, images copyright Richard Merritt)

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