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Magic Palette Color Mixing Guide

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Takes the guesswork out of mixing colours !

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Create 324 colours from 18 popular tube paints. - Ideal for the studio, classroom or on location.

The guide works on a simple grid system. Dominant colours are shown in the left margin and the mixing colours are shown at the bottom. Where the two colours intersect on the grid is the target colour you achieve by mixing both colours. Each target colour mixture contains only one dominant and one mixing colour, plus Titanium White.

Step 1:

Select the colour you want to mix from the Magic Palette grid. This is your target colour.

Step 2: 

From your Target colour follow the row to the left margin where you will find the dominant colour. Now, follow the column down to the bottom margin, where you will find the mixing colour. Using your palette knife, place a dab of each on your palette.

Step 3: 

The 18 original paint colours are never used straight from the tube. Lighten the dominant colour and the mixing colour separately with Titanium White to match the dominant and mixing colours illustrated on the guide. Add the white very slowly. Yellows, oranges and reds require no more than 5% Titanium White. Darker colours will usually require slightly more white.

Step 4:

Begin mixing the target colour you originally chose. Using a palette knife start with the dominant colour and slowly add in the mixing colour in very small increments. Continue adding the mixing colour until you match the target colour.

Guide overall size :- 11 ½” x 11 ½”

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